The Massacre at Wounded Knee

1889 Mason Valley in Nevada native Paiutes Mr. Jack Wilson the Prophet Wovoka was a respected holy man, in January during a solar eclipse Jack had a vision. Jack stood with god in heaven & saw his ancestors & his land filled with wildlife & food for his people. Jack was told to return to his people & teach them to love each other & not fight amongst themselves or with the settlers. God told Jack that in 2 year 1892 Jesus would return to Earth and his people must not steal & cause trouble also they must stop self harm while mourning their dead.

Jack informed his tribe that god had given him the power to control the weather. Jack Wilson thought his people to dance in a circle and all evil will go away and would be replaced with love and gods Faith. The dance was called the Spirit Dance OR Ghost Dance. 

The Lakota tribe interpretation of The Ghost Dance drew from their traditional idea of a "renewed Earth" in which "all evil is washed away". This Lakota interpretation included the removal of all European Americans from their land They told the Indians they could dance a new world into being. There would be landslides, earthquakes, and big winds. Hills would pile up on each other. The earth would roll up like a carpet with all the white man's ugly things – the stinking new animals, sheep and pigs, the fences, the telegraph poles, the mines and factories. Underneath would be the wonderful old-new world as it had been before the white fat-takers came. The white men will be rolled up, disappear, go back to their own continent" LAME DEER 

Kicking Bear a first cousin of Crazy Horse went South to meet with Jack Wilson to learn about the Ghost Dance & In October 1890 Kicking Bear came to visit Standing Rock reservation to meet with Chief Sitting Bull & his people. Kicking Bear held a meeting with the Tribe at Standing Rock reservation in Northern Dakota and soke of what he learned from WOVOKA Jack Wilson to dance the ghost dance & the food and buffalo would return in the Spring - Do not cause trouble but dance in peace & all our dead relatives would return & the settlers would go back East. Sitting Bull knew his people were desperate , with little food & millions of acres of their land stolen, the Ghost Dance started all through November.


The Agent at Standing Rock reservation James MC Laughlin did everything in his power to undermine the influence of Sitting Bull.
Sitting Bull along with other Indian Chiefs 14 years earlier controlled millions of acres of land across Montana & Dakota, Living on Standing Rock they had to obey the Agent James MC Laughlin.

James MC Laughlin spread rumors amongst the Indians about Sitting Bull & formed Indian police to watch Sitting Bull and divide the tribe.

On the 17th November from his head quarters in Chicago General Nelson Miles ordered troops to march on the Sioux reservations, by early December 1890 the largest army since the civil war was on high alert because of the Indians Ghost dance.

On the 17th October Agent James Mc Loughlin wrote a letter to The Commissioner Of Indian affairs in Washington blaming Sitting Bull for allowing his people to continue with the Ghost Dance.

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The settlers / ranchers & cowboys living on Indian lands were nervous about the Ghost dance & demanded action from the US Army & Indian agents. On 15th December 1890 Agent James MC Laughlin ordered 39 of his Lakota police to arrest Sitting Bull and not allow him to escape.

Settings Bulls cabin was on the banks of the Grand river, among the arresting party were men who had fought with Sitting Bull at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, Shave Head - Bull Head - Gray Eagle - and who suffered with him in exile in Canada, but now the poisoned words of Agent James MC Laughlin rang in their ear so now the Hunkpapa's were bitterly divided.

Lies greed for more land & total submission from Sitting Bull & his band - The Indian police were told to surround Sitting Bulls cabin in the early hours of the 15th December, as the police kicked open his cabin door, his wife began to cry out, at first Sitting Bull agreed to go quietly, but when the nervous Lakota policemen started manhandling him to get dressed (it must have been so humiliating for this great Chief) . Outside his Cabin Sitting Bulls followers gather as Lieutenant Henry Bull Head pulled & shoved the struggling 59 year old leader towards his horse.


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The crowd shouted "You will not take our chief" a warrior named Catch The Bear raised his rifle & shot Lieutenant Bull Head the officer in charge in his side as he fell Bull Head shot Sitting Bull in the chest, another policeman Red Tomahawk shot Sitting Bull in the back of head.

For a few minutes Sitting Bulls people fought the Indian police, clubs axes Knives were used in hand to hand fighting until Sitting Bulls followers ran away towards the Bad Lands.
The Indian police carried their wounded into Sitting Bulls cabin, once inside they heard a noise under the bed & Sitting Bulls young teenage son Crow Foot came out begging for mercy "please don't kill me I do not wish to Die" Lone Man hit Crow Foot in the head with the butt of his gun and as Crow Foot begged for mercy was murdered on the floor of his fathers cabin. The Indian police sent a messenger to the US Soldiers closes by to come quickly.


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When the soldiers arrived at Grand River Sitting Bulls camp in the early hours Captain Fechets memory " I saw evidence of a most desperate encounter, in front of the cabin & a within a radius of 50 yards were the bodies of 8 Indians including that of Sitting Bull & 2 dead horses, inside the cabin were 4 dead policemen & 3 wounded 2 mortally Bull Head & Shave Head. To add to the horror of the scene the squaws of Sitting Bull who were in a small house nearby kept up a great wailing."

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The soldiers fired through the tree's at the fleeing Indians. Sitting Bulls body was thrown into a wagon with the dead policemen, two days later the Indian policemen were buried in the catholic cemetery at Standing Rock Agency with full military honor's. Sitting Bulls corpse (body) was wrapped in a dirty piece of canvas with stiff frozen blood his body was thrown into a hole dug from the ground without ceremony in a Paupers grave.

Now the heavily armed soldier's were ordered to capture the Indians who fled from their agency's. Sitting Bulls followers fled south to Cheyenne River reservation looking for safety with Big Foot of the Miniconjou Sioux. Word of Sitting Bulls murder & the soldiers firing artillery at the fleeing Indians, panic set in amongst the Indians & fearing they would also be murdered or imprisoned Big Foot and his band of 333 men women & children slipped quietly out of their village and headed south towards Pine Ridge reservation, hoping to find protection with Chief Red Cloud.

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On December 18th a nephew of Sitting Bull arrived at Big Foots camp & told Big Foot that Chief Sitting Bull had been murdered and his people had fled South to Cherry Creek, where they were without food or shelter, Big Foot sent 10 men to Cherry Creek & offered the starving people food, cloths & warm shelter. Over 40 Hunkpapa Sioux joined Big Foot & his camp. On the 2oth December Lieutenant Colonel Summer's command caught up with Big Foot, Summer angrily demanded to know why Big Foot was offering Sitting Bulls people food & shelter, Big Foot told Summer that he couldn't watch these Hunkpapa starve, Summer accepted the explanation & made note that they were " so pitiable a sight, they could not be hostile". Summer & his soldiers escorted Big Foot and his people near to Camp Cheyenne. Big Foot was ill with pneumonia and his people were hungry afraid what the soldiers would do next. At Camp Cheyenne Summer telegraphed Miles to say that the "Indians seem a harmless lot, mostly women & children.