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Grandpa Beard said it was as if a huge canvas was being torn. The sound of the guns & the sound of the bullets hitting people, the screams, the horses being hit, & the commands of the soldiers, & seeing the women falling, the men falling. The cannon shells would explode & pick up the babies & children and throw them - it was like they were being tripped. Hearing the horses screaming in pain.....Mary Not Help Him
Clip of Wounded Knee Massacre from the HBO film

Clip of Wounded Knee Massacre from the HBO film

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Mako - Sica - The Bad Lands Dakota 45 Miles North from Wounded Knee - Its was here in the winter of 1890

one of the last known Ghost Dances was held in the Strong Hold Table south unit of The Bad Lands.

In December 1890 Chief Big Foot & his Band traveled south through the Bad Lands, on their way to Pine Ridge Agency. 

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